Taking a lesson from Shrub on shrubs

Well, sometimes you just have to go in and take out that
which has become overpowering and uncontrollable.

Diplomacy has failed.

I have talked to the oleanders but they continued to grow,
casting their ominous shadows over lawn, customers and
preventing the free & safe flow of traffic from our parking lot.

They no longer blossomed with as many of their colorful flowers,
instead their resources were belligerently expended in growing taller,
leaving their poor stalks long and leggy, begging for sunlight
and U.N. rations of 12-24-12.

Indeed, over three years ago we embarked on mission of containment,
allowing the oleanders to retain 9-11 feet of their height.
Instead of cooperating, they immediately commenced to
rebuilding to their current unyielding state.

Earlier this winter, a big oak on the other side of the yard
dropped a large branch on the roof, damaging the shingles.
Now I know it is a different species, but that tree must have links
through the soil or nematodic couriers and received aid and instruction
from those oleanders. It is only a matter of time before they attack us
or provide assistance to the shrimp plants or underground sleeper bulbs.

Now I am generally a peaceable person of a peaceable nation,
and I'm sure some French-wine-drinking, Dixie Chick-listening, tree-hugging liberal
would have questioned the necessity of such a drastic course of action.
Knowing this, I did not ask their opinions and began my operation.

For a few days, I drove around with the chainsaw and clippers in my van.
The smell of gas and 2-cycle oil was plainly evident to the oleanders.

Still no reduction of height on their part.

Let it begin ....


Reconnaissance photo showing the production plants full of poisonous sap.
Our equipment stationed at their border.

ol1.jpg (36103 bytes)

First strike

ol2.jpg (36103 bytes)

After first strike, task force heading north.
Troops given 3 day R&R and another round of
steroid injections in lower back.

ol3.jpg (36103 bytes)

Attack successful, debris removed, the light of democracy
shines on all.

ol5.jpg (36103 bytes)

The end ?  Maybe not . . .
I will set upon a benevolent course of nourishment and encourage growth
in the Western Tradition, which may require more pruning and suppression of growth
among those stalks who yearn to live free and unhindered.

It is the American Way ! !
early March, 2003