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Special Collections / New Arrivals

Signed & Limited  

Autographed, Inscribed, Limited, Special & Exceptional Editions
Recent Arrivals New Arrivals and Recent Updates



General Texana, over 325 titles, fully described.
Houston & Galveston Gulf Coast Regional History
Western Americana America West of the Mississippi:
Exploration, Native Americans, mining, ranching &  more.
Americana Cultural History of portions East of the Mississippi
U.S. History General United States History
Indians & Native Peoples Native Peoples from around the world
Genealogy Genealogy & Family History
Ethnic Groups Studies of ethnic groups, immigrants
Black History African American History
Women in History Women's History, Issues
World History World History
Maps & Geography Geography, Maps, Atlases, Cartography
Travel & Adventure Adventure & Travel Around the World
Sports Sports of all kinds
Religion Religion / Philosophy / Ideology, differences in which lead to ...
Military History General Military History, complete listings, all genres
Civil War U.S. Civil War / North vs South
Brother vs Brother, States vs Federal Rights
call it what you will, lots of dead folks on both sides
British Military History Those scrappy Brits always seemed to have a skirmish going somewhere 'round the globe. Good titles on regiments, battles, uniforms and equipment.


Archaeology Archaeology / Anthropology / Evolution
Nature & Natural Science Plants & Animals and the world in which they live.
Some earth sciences, too.
Falconry Falconry & Birds of Prey
Gardening Gardening, Horticulture, Plants & Landscaping
Medicine Health / Nutrition / Medical Sciences
Psychology Psychology, Self Help, Relationships
& other stuff in your head
Space Space Exploration & Astronomy
Transportation Getting Around by Land, Sea & Air
The Unexplained Unexplained Events, UFOs, Paranormal, the Occult

-- THE ARTS --

Art Fine Arts
Antiques Antiques, Collectibles, Memorabilia & Guides
Architecture Architecture & Design
Business Business History, Biographies, How-To
Children's Children's Books and Collectibles
Humor Given Today's World, We Could All Use A Laugh
Performing Arts Dance, Music, Film, Theater
Literature Fiction, Literature, Poetry


Cooking, Cookbooks, Food, Drink & Entertainment

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