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Schroeder's Book Haven -- zShops Ordering /Shipping Info

One-Click Restrictions:
Sorry, but you may not use "One-Click" ordering if:
1. You are a Texas Resident (as Sales Tax of 8% must be added to shipping).
2. You want the item shipped any way other than what is shown for One-Click.
3. You are an INTERNATIONAL customer. See below.
4. You wish to pay by means other than Amazon Payments (note: you won't see a "one click" option if you have not registered a credit card with Amazon.com).

Note: If you really, really want the item and don't wish to wait for a shipping quote for fear of someone else buying it, go ahead and use "one-click", we will invoice shipping differences or applicable Sales Tax later.

The S&H charge ("One-Click" charge) varies by weight & price of the item.
Look at the description to see which method
we will use if One-Click is selected.

If any of the above applies, please use the "Buy now from Seller Button"
and follow these instructions:

  • Determine your shipping charge and, if applicable, sales tax (Texas Residents Only):

Each of our items on Amazon zShops contains the shipping charge options within its listing depending on the weight and method of shipment. (Scroll down to the "DETAILS" section which repeats all the book info, then to the TERMS section, the 2nd paragraph has the shipping charges).

We offer both a quick (Priority Mail) and regular (4th Class / Media Mail) rate for Domestic Shipments to 5 pounds.  Above 5 pounds, we list the 4th Class option, but we will have to quote PRIORITY MAIL based on destination. (The difference can be substantial ! )

  • Click the "Buy Now From Seller" button.
    Select or enter a Shipping address, then press Continue...  (to next (payment) screen).
    Select or enter a Credit Card, then press Continue...    (to Review & Submit screen).

    On the "Review & Submit" page, there is a line showing "Shipping and Handling" with an "EDIT" icon.
    Click the EDIT icon.
    On the next page enter the correct shipping amount.  (Texas Residents: Add 8% tax to the shipping charge you desire). Then press "Continue"...
    You are back to the SUBMIT Page, which now shows correct shipping / handling / tax total.
    Enter any note / instruction to us (if desired), then press the "BUY FROM SELLER" button near the top of the page.

  • You should now see a confirmation of your order, or if your connection has been idle too long, you might be prompted to re-enter your password.

  • We will confirm shipment via email.


Please inquire and we will gladly quote shipping options.  You may use the U.S. Postal Service International Rate Calculator to estimate shipping charges to you:  http://ircalc.usps.gov/
We usually add $1.00 per order to cover packaging, customs forms and handling to the amount shown.

Regretfully, the U.S. Postal Service has drastically changed rates on international book shipments.

Effective 01/07/2001:
1. The Postal Service
eliminated the economical "Books & Sheet Music" and "Printed Matter" Rates.
2. This effectively raised rates by 35 to 200 percent.  For example a 4.5 pound shipment to England via SURFACE MAIL was once $8.11, now $23.00 ( a 184% increase!).

Shipments up to 4 pounds are still relatively economical, but next ounce really costs !

Please note that to qualify for the "Flat Rate Envelope" rate the item has to fit inside the envelope.
"Small" envelopes can hold a paperback, but that is about all.
"Large" envelopes can hold about a 6x8 inch book of up to about 150 pages.   Keep in mind these thin cardboard envelopes do not allow space for adequate padding. If we feel your book will not arrive safely, we will not offer this rate or we will discourage it use.

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