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We maintain a listing of our inventory on a major search service database (Bibliofind) which allows us to provide you with a robust search engine, the ability to select and place items in a shopping basket for inquiries or orders and a secure server site for sending order information (name, address credit card info, etc.).

If you prefer to contact us by phone, please do. We welcome phone orders during hours, see our Contact Page to reach us. See our Terms of Sale page for more info on shipping, payment, etc.

  • To Find Items: Enter criteria into an appropriate field and press "Search". A results screen will appear with matching items.
  • To Select: To select an item to place in your shopping basket for later order or inquiry, check the box to the left of the desired title(s), then scroll to the bottom of page and press "Add to Basket" .
  • To Place Order: From the results screen, click the "Shopping Basket" link at the top. A list of your selected titles will appear.  Next to each are radio buttons to Place Order / Hold for Later / Remove. You can change to any setting you desire.  Scroll down to the form area to fill in your Name / Address / Payment info.  There is also a comments form to send us your questions or directions (such as shipping method).  To send the order via a secure server, press "Send My Order"
  • Confirmation: You will receive an automated response by email stating your order was sent.  We will contact you to confirm availability and shipment. Your card will be billed ONLY UPON SHIPMENT.

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Search Tips:                

  • Less is More: If you know exactly what you are looking for, enter that. Using one or two words that you are sure of will bring better results than a wrong word (possibly no results).
  • Use the Any Other Words Field: This is where the power of the database really comes in.  Any word mentioned in our description or assigned as a keyword will match.
  • Use the Wildcard Asterisk (*): Placing an asterisk after the root of the word will return all similar words. For example John* would return John, Johns, Johnston, Johnson, Johnstown etc.
  • More search tips from BiblioFind.

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Shopping Basket:      

The basket provides a useful place to gather items found while searching. Items are grouped by Bookseller.

  • You can remove items individually by filling the "Remove From Basket" radio button next to the title.
  • If there is a title you wish to keep info on, but not order, check the button "Hold For Later."
  • Please note:  If you browse Bibliofind and other Dealers, you may have titles from their inventories listed here too.  You can place orders to multiple Dealers at once (and sometimes by accident, too).  If you make a mistake, don't worry, contact us and we will stop the order. At any rate, we won't bill your card until the book ships. See our terms of sales for details on shipping etc.

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Security& Privacy:

Information sent from the order form is sent via a secure server from Bibliofind directly to us.  Of course you are welcome to phone your card info to us during hours, and we prefer checks anyway.

We have our own Secure Order Page for sending info, however it does not act as a shopping basket.  Please Contact Us with any  questions or comments.

Privacy: All information you submit to us will be held in the highest confidence. We do not sell our mailing lists nor in any other way disseminate or share your information with others. We occasionally send mailings or emailings. If you wish to be removed from any mailing simply contact us. View the Bibliofind Legal Statement.

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